Our Policy

PT. CROWN is committed to adhere to, and regularly review, its corporate Policy. Irrespective of the countries where we do business, our positions and our governing principles remain the same. We will abide by all applicable laws and regulations. We will respect the rule of law and industry best practices. We will honour both Clients and Workers, and we will operate fairly with all parties and stakeholders. CROWN Policy serves to guide and inform stakeholders in key areas of concern such as factory audits, employment standards and labour rights, as well as environmental custodianship. We maintain complete supply chain transparency. We will never compromise on these key facets of our operations because we work hard to uphold our integrity and reputation.

In order to achieve our vision of being regarded as the best garments manufacturing company, PT. CROWN recognizes that minimum standards of behaviour and conduct are necessary so that a productive, harmonious and environment exists in the workplace.
We at PT. CROWN are committed with dedication to:
  1. Condemn illegal child labour, forced labour, discrimination.
  2. Improve employment conditions and compensate our employees appropriately.
  3. Provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.
  4. Respect employees’ human rights and personal rights.
  5. Take steps to continually improve the holistic welfare and intellectual growth of our employees.
  6. Improve our social performance and that of our business Affiliates.
  7. Encourage a sense of social responsibility in both managers and employees alike.
  8. Comply with all applicable national and international legal, regulatory and customer defined requirements.
  9. Continually improve our social management systems.

Employment Standards

Legal Labour Only

CROWN HKM will never accept illegal sources of labour nor will we accept this through our Affiliates.

Zero Discrimination

Workers must not be subject to discrimination in employment unless as a result of a reasonably justified bona fide occupational requirement. This means that no Worker will be discriminated against with respect to hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of sex, gender, race, religious or personal beliefs, spiritual affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, maternity or marital status, nationality, political opinion, socio-economic status, ethno-linguistic identification, or membership in any legal organization. Employment decisions must be made solely on the basis of knowledge, skill, efficiency and ability to do fulfill occupational requirements.

No Forced Labour

We will never accept forced labour. Whether bonded through agents, debt, trafficking, or any other form of modern-day slavery, CROWN HKM will never knowingly agree to operate a business where this form of labour is used. Employment must be voluntary, and respect the right of employees to decide to work or not. Affiliates must not use forced labor, whether in the form of prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour or otherwise. We regularly inspect our Affiliates and downstream operations to ensure that this does not occur.

No Child Labour

The production process will not rely on children for illegal labour. Whether male or female, child labour is impermissible. All Workers must be at least fifteen (15) years of age or older. Some jurisdictions allow fourteen (14) as the minimum age, in accordance with both applicable labour laws and the age at which compulsory schooling ends, whichever is greater. No minors may be employed during school hours. The combined time at school and work, including the time to and from destinations, cannot exceed 10 hours per day. We support the development of legitimate workplace apprenticeship programs for the educational and occupational benefit of younger people as long as they are not being exploited or given roles that are dangerous or harmful to their growth, health, safety, morale, or dignity. Workers must be eighteen (18) years of age or older for roles that expose workers to significant occupational hazards that require more training and experience.


CROWN HKM has zero tolerance towards workplace abuse. No Worker is to be subjected to abuse. Whether physical, sexual, psychological or verbal, Worker abuse is unacceptable. Corporal punishment constitutes physical abuse and an acceptable disciplinary measure.


Every employee must be treated with respect and dignity. No Worker is to be subjected to harassment, bullying, intimidation, or coercion. Harassment is not conducive to building group morale or individual self-esteem. CROWN HKM regards workplace harassment as a serious infringement on personal rights and freedoms. Furthermore, continued harassment is an impediment towards greater workplace efficiency and can seriously hamper productivity and safety. All of our Affiliate’s downstream operations must adhere to a zero-tolerance policy with regards to workplace harassment.

Gender Apartheid

Workers must not be unfairly singled out or mistreated based on sex or gender. Victimization of Workers based on sex or gender is categorically unacceptable. Any incident discovered will be thoroughly investigated and remedied accordingly to comply with legal requirements as well as our own ethical standards. CROWN HKM understands and appreciates the exceptional hard work of women workers. We will not tolerate.

Compensation & Benefits

We are committed to the betterment of wage and benefit levels that address the basic needs of Workers and their dependents so far as possible and appropriate in light of national economic conditions. Our Affiliates must compensate Workers equitably with an emphasis on the dignity of the Worker. Wages must results in a decent living. Workers must be provided with all legally mandated benefits without question. CROWN HKM stands by the principle that honest work must be rewarded with an honest wage.

Work Hours & Overtime

CROWN HKM has established that downstream operations through our Affiliates must maintain reasonable work hours that respect human dignity and comply with legislation. We define a standard work week to be not more than 48 hours, unless the local law provides for a shorter period. CROWN HKM considers all additional hours worked to be overtime and eligible for fair compensation.

Workers must be compensated for overtime production at the greater of the regular hourly rate and such higher rate as required by law, regardless of whether workers are compensated hourly or by piece rate. In the absence of exceptional circumstances, CROWN HKM favours Affiliates who utilize less than a sixty-hour work-week. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, employees must be permitted at least one full day off in every seven-day period, and also be granted leave privileges.

Workers must be given sufficient recess and break time to attend to personal needs and to alleviate stress. Affiliates are expected to work towards minimizing workplace stressors in order to improve wellness and worker morale.

Dispute Resolution

CROWN HKM mandates that downstream operations through our Affiliates maintain clear and transparent dispute resolution processes to allow Workers to voice workplace grievances without the fear of reprisal or retribution. We believe that disputes must be approached impartially and in good faith, leaving vindictive reactions completely out of bounds. If resolutions fail to address the original dispute or issues previously raised, then resolutions are subject to appeal in order for corrective measures to be adjusted accordingly.

Environmental Standards


CROWN HKM understands that reducing the public health impacts of outdoor air pollution requires addressing the main sources of outdoor pollution, including inefficient fossil fuel combustion from motor vehicle transport, power generation and improving energy efficiency in our facilities, buildings, and manufacturing processes. CROWN HKM works to develop and implement long-term policies and technical programs aimed to reduce air pollution and improve health for both workers and surrounding communities.


CROWN HKM promotes water efficiency, acknowledges that clean and potable water must be protected. Furthermore, water bodies must not be used for waste disposal. Both surface water resources and subterranean waters must be protected from illegal discharges and toxic dumping and runoffs.


CROWN HKM will not contaminate soils with illegal discharges in order to prevent toxic leachate generation. To the best of its abilities, CROWN HKM will prevent the destruction of fertile agricultural soils and prevent damage to ecosystems that rely on local soil chemistry.


CROWN HKM aggressively minimizes waste generation by focusing intensely on waste diversion programs. CROWN HKM aims to reduce overall consumption and heavily recycle materials in a reclamation program. Of greatest concern is hazardous waste generation. CROWN HKM will arrange to safely treat hazardous wastes to convert them into less harmful forms of waste before final disposal. Waste management will be carried out as per international standards that meet minimum requirements in G8 industrialized states.


CROWN HKM will incessantly work towards energy conservation because it will help to directly impact cost savings measures. Energy efficiency is a major objective, it forms part of our strategic business vision.

Quality Production Process Auditing

Auditing & Inspection Scope

Rigorous programs of ongoing audits helps ensure that all Affiliates and downstream partners with whom we work are in complete compliance with the stringent social, labour, human rights and environmental standards.

It is our policy to monitor every facility that is involved in the manufacture of our products. No facility involved in our supply chains is beyond the scope of our audits. Audits encompass, but are in no way limited to, material sourcing, manufacturing, and logistical processes. We keenly scrutinize processes that include cutting, sewing, chemical works, embroiderers, washing and laundries, packaging, and raw materials handling.

Each inspection will include a thorough audit of the facility for Health and Safety, Social Compliance, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking, and Environmental issues. Factory records involving payroll, operating licenses, employee personnel records, etc. will be reviewed for legal compliance with local laws. Plus, a random sampling of employees will be interviewed to evaluate working conditions at the facility.

Pre-Production Inspections

Absolutely no production can be performed in a new facility until a factory inspection has taken place. Production includes samples that are regularly produced at the same location as well as bulk orders. Violation of this policy can result in the termination of any existing contracts or licensing agreements.

New downstream partners and suppliers must be identified by Affiliates to CROWN HKM at least 6 weeks prior to the anticipated start of production. On average, it will take 2 weeks to schedule and execute an initial factory inspection. Inquiries and requests can be made through CROWN HKM.

Conducting Inspections

Factory inspections will be conducted by a CROWN HKM Auditor or by an accredited third party audit company. The facility manager and any associated agent may or may not be notified prior to the inspection.

Audits will be conducted regularly on every factory. The industry norm is to perform annual audits, CROWN HKM performs four times as many audits.

A typical inspection will last between 1-3 days, including thorough employee interviews.

Post-Inspection Considerations

At the end of the inspection the factory manager will be verbally advised which status his/her facility has attained. He/she will also be presented with a written list of action items for any irregularities that have been found during the inspection.